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With the rapid development of the Internet, the importance of logistics has been gradually recognized, different forms of logistics enterprises began to appear, including the transformation of traditional transport warehousing freight forwarding enterprises, emerging third-party logistics enterprises and specialized in transport, warehousing enterprises. Wisdom Logistics is accompanied by the development of the logistics industry and the progress of logistics technology is gradually developed.

Automatic and quickly perceived the number of goods out of a comprehensive tracking of each cargo flow dynamics, shift library, scheduling and other work orderly, the background of the physical inventory at a glance, the cost is significantly reduced; think of a medical use of advanced Internet of things technology and network Transmission technology, to create intelligent integrated warehousing management system to help enterprises in the storage and logistics management on the "cost reduction, to achieve fine management." So, all this is how to achieve it?

Why is the traditional warehousing and logistics transformation?

Warehouse management in the logistics management occupy the core position. However, there are many problems in traditional warehouse management, such as:

Data collection by manual entry or bar code scanning, low efficiency

Warehouse cargo location is not clear, stacking chaos, unfavorable convergence

Physical inventory technology behind, leading to often do not match the truth

Human factors, the error rate is high, increase the additional cost

Lack of process tracking, the responsibility is difficult to define

These problems have seriously affected the efficiency of warehousing and logistics, and the high cost of logistics.

Wisdom Promotion: Intelligent Integrated Warehouse Management System

In order to solve the existing pain point of warehousing and logistics management, Siqi Medical is based on advanced Internet of things technology, combined with various network transmission technology, software in series hardware, the storage of all aspects of business elements into the same management system, to create intelligent integration Warehousing management system, so that the core business of warehousing logistics has been significantly improved:

Intelligent integrated warehousing management system can be stored / out of the library information and the number of large quantities of automatic collection and verification (up to 200-300 group can be read), at the same time, the background of the inventory status will be synchronized with changes in physical inventory Update.

Orderly transfer library

Through the cargo label and the goods of the precise binding and decoupling, precise control shift library operations, to prevent mistakes, so that shift library work to be orderly, shift library during the management of goods is no longer chaotic.

Accurate inventory

In the intelligent integrated management system, both through the handheld to collect cargo label data

Wireless monitoring

Through the application of wireless temperature and humidity detector, can achieve 24 hours of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity monitoring, and real-time monitoring of data transmission wireless (transmission distance up to 50 meters above the wall, open space 2 km above).

ESL display

Can be applied on the shelves ESL electronic paper labels, display clear and low energy consumption, dynamic display of real-time information, and through the background wireless real-time updates.

Intelligent dispatch

The system is based on omni-directional accurate data acquisition, large data analysis, intelligent scheduling strategy, equipment, operations and personnel for all-round scheduling.

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