Shenzhen City of Granville Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 5.03 million. Main lines of business: domestic air cargo, rail transport, motor transport, warehousing and distribution as one of the integrated logistics services company.

Granville's service advantages to provide customers with integrated logistics services, for some large enterprises to provide transport distribution and warehousing services, services throughout the country more than 200 cities, through their own domestic service network to provide customers with transport distribution Services, warehousing management and operation and transport and distribution of seamless links to achieve the warehouse information system and transport system connection, improve operational efficiency, in the warehouse to provide services, to provide customers with COD receiving services, and Customer support after-sales logistics services, according to the needs of business development, in the main production areas or other areas to provide finished product distribution and VMI services.

In recent years, through other large enterprises to provide logistics services, some of these useful experience to share with customers, contribute to the rapid development of customer business; in the warehouse can provide packaging, packaging, printing labels, labeling services, The service. Through the training of customers, customers can provide inspection services.

At present, Granville is to adapt to the development of logistics market and customer needs, has established a major trunk transport logistics service network, formed in southern China, north, northeast, east, southwest, northwest as a base, radiation national transport resources network, successively In more than 30 provinces, the city established its own service network. Business coverage of the domestic city of 233 cities.

Granville logistics, and sincerely look forward to working with you to work together to achieve win-win cooperation and common development!


Enterprise vision: to become the benchmark for the logistics industry

Company values: innovation integrity professional diligence

Company mission: for the global enterprise freight transport safety services

Company philosophy: people-oriented enterprises to win a moderate competition for temper justice

Company goals: continuous efforts to reduce the cost of customers to create their own profit margins

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